December 2nd, 2010

Transitory Me
  • darkk01

Camp FERAL! 2011 Auditions are OPEN!!!


Dj Dakk here, just wanna give a shout out to everyone out there in furry land.

Last year we had a great time out there in the wilderness thanks to Dj Khaki, Dj Miami, Dj Potoroo & Dj DUSK.

We wanna keep things going, keep things fresh. We're always looking for new and creative people; so if you, or someone else you know of has the knack and the talent for dj'ing, we wanna hear'em.

We're currently looking to fill Dj spots for Camp FERAL! 2011.

The Rules & Disclaimer:

*All applicants will provide the proper contact information.
*We prefer our Dj's spin virtually; as good ole fashion turn tables or Cdj units can't be insured to work safely when used in the environment we perform in.
*Applying thru streaming media IS permissable.
*Applications should be 30 minutes minimum to 1 hour maximum in length of playtime (Please & Thank you).
*All applicants understand that they will be responsible their own travel & boarding arrangements.
*Camp FERAL! is not responsible for loss/damage to any/all equipment brought onsite for purposes of performing; unless all arrangements are made prior to accepting role/position thru the Con.

All entries should be sent by May 1st 2011

DJ's to be announced June 1st 2011.

Any further questions:

Good Luck!!

Dj Dakk Whitewings
Camp FERAL! Dance Coordinator 2011