October 3rd, 2010

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Dj Khaki LIVE @ Feral The 13th

Dj Khaki LIVE @ Feral The 13th

This last year Camp FERAL! threw caution to the wind. What with this last year, being it's 13th year; of being ONE of the longest running cons out there.

We celebrated by transforming our humble little camp, into the infamous Camp Tee Pee Lake; in honour of Camp Crystal Lake, the home place of Jason Voorhees -killer of..... GOSH DARN EVERYONE!

Here's a 2010 Camp FERAL! exclusive http://bit.ly/aIpBeP
Straight from Dj Khaki.

We're looking for outstanding performers for next years outdoor adventure con.
Think you got what it takes?

Contact Me at Guardian.angelboy@gmail.com

Stay tuned in during Howloween for your next Camp FERAL! Exclusive.

~Dj Dakk
Camp FERAL! Dance Coordinator Bunny 2010