March 30th, 2010


Traktor vs. Serato?

I bought the original ProFS when it came out. Was interesting at the time but hardware and software limitations kept me from switching fully to control vinyl. I recently had the chance to use Serato and there has been much improvement. I also borrowed Traktor Scratch and it worked well for a 3hr radio show, but over the weekend at FWA the hardware failed utterly (luckily I brought vinyl anyway). This is what I feel about each:

- hardware allows phono thru even when not connected to the computer
- hardware can be used as a regular audio I/O interface by other software
- phono thru has a lot of computer noise in it, line has less but still there
- some glitches during a radio show, and at a live event the hardware failed completely
- software is oriented for just digital playback; timecode vinyl control seems tacked-on
- so many versions of Traktor (Play? DJ? Mix? Scratch? Studio?) it gets confusing

- worked flawlessly all night at a club event
- software felt designed around vinyl control, very responsive and easy to use
- could not hear any noise on the phono thru or line
- phono thru would not work unless computer was on and running Serato software
- hardware is proprietary to Serato; cannot be used as an audio interface by any other software

Neither system has digital I/O on the hardware either, which I find disappointing. What is everyone else using? Any other experiences worth sharing?
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