September 9th, 2002


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Might as well keep this ball on it's momentum! An introduction is in order.

As Chris Pardus I play trance. Trance from the deepest and the darkest to the epic and progressive that's up in the clouds. I play with a certain philosophy of 'Dj Shamanism' in which the set performed is intended to conjure emotion. I have found in more lucid listeners I can have success on a conscious level and on the less lucid a more subconscious. I've been doing this for about three years.

As That Jungle Cat I play jungle. My jungle sets however consist only of the darkest, and most tribal tracks I can find. I tend to shy away from such a meaningful reason to play jungle I as I have for trance, but with equal fervor and a different flavor. I have only been experimenting in Jungle for a few months. I was recently turned on to it by a few good friends via battle dancing at some hot NYC parties.

I also write tracks with hardware (a recently acquired 303, a trusty 808, a few effects boxes and a keyboard) and software (a tasty Propellerhead program called Reason). Very little has come of that yet.

Outside of the our 'raver militia', underground life, and non-furry related topics, in the past 6 months through various means and methods, Snow Wolf, S1AY3R, and myself have been trying create and solidify a serious Furry underground of dj, dancers, ravers, clubbers, etc. Snow Wolf has gone to Florida to generate funds for his production crew (Snow Wolf Productions) so that higher quality parties can be thrown than more recent ones (yet still very fun despite small turnouts) such as Furry Pride in Toronto in June. I have found that the LJ community may be a helpful key in getting us more dj recruits or just furs interested in Furry raves and I hope that any one who is interested let's me know! The more, the merrier!
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