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Future Transmission 13

Another mix I recorded and just in time for AC in the next few weeks. This one starts off a bit in more deeper territory before picking up half way through. I think this one turned out great, so hope you all enjoy. ^^

Future Transmission 13 (84:00)
Genre: Progressive/Uplifting Trance

1.) John '00' Fleming - The Astrophysical Nebula
2.) Airwave - Cathedrals Of Hope
3.) Relaunch - Eternal Light
4.) Cosmithex - Dwell
5.) Alex M.O.R.P.H. & Protoculture - Waking Up The Stars
6.) Protoculture - Cobalt
7.) Super8 & Tab Feat. Jan Burton - Black Is Back (Classic Vocal Mix)
8.) Nerso - Outer Space
9.) Activa Feat. Cat Martin - My Way Out (Sonic Element Remix)
10.) Liquid Soul & Symbolic - Different Reality
11.) Man With No Name - Floor Essence (Apogee Remix)
12.) Daniel Kandi - Insert Generic Title
13.) Brian Cameron - Serotonin Syndrome
14.) Andres Sanchez - Call To Arms
15.) Accadia - Blind Visions (Neptune Project's Third Eye Remix)
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