Takum Fox (takumfox) wrote in furrydjs,
Takum Fox

Future Transmission 11

I finally had time to get back into gear and record another one of these. I really loved how this one turned out though. It starts off a bit into Psy-Trance and Breaks territory before moving onto to full on Uplifting Trance as I thought to change things up a bit. :3

Future Transmission 11 (74:30)
Genre: Psy-Trance / Uplifting Trance

1.) Timewave - Relentless
2.) John '00' Fleming Feat. Sascha Cooper - Fight The Darkness
3.) Fonarev & Melodica - Until The End (Breaks Mix)
4.) Ferry Corsten - Star Traveller (Hydroid vs. Zehavi & Rand Remix)
5.) Cold Blue - Lucidity
6.) Armin van Buuren Feat. Winter Kills - Take A Moment (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Remix)
7.) Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland Feat. Stine Grove - Drifter (Coll & Tolland Remix)
8.) Will Holland - Timeless (Daniel Kandi Remix)
9.) Tiddey - Copacabana Dream
10.) Hiroyuki Oda Presents HSP - Wander Girl (Hiroyuki Oda Remix)
11.) Ferrin & Morris - Prophecy
12.) Paul Oakenfold - Full Moon Party
13.) Zirenz vs. Ben Alonzi & Adriz - Take Me To Heaven
14.) Bryan Kearney - Stealth Bomber (Vlind Remix)
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