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Resurgence - Raleigh NC - The Lincoln Theater Oct/8/11

 Join me tonight as I headline the latest Resurgence event at The Lincoln Theater! Come check out Cry Wolf, Audiorush and more as we bring you a completely balls-to-the-wall high energy show! Doors open at 8pm and show ends at 2am! See you there ! 

More Info
*********** ALL AGES RAVE ***********
PRESALE TICKETS: $8* DOOR TICKETS: $10* [$2 Surcharge @ door for 21-]


GENERATION PRODUCTIONS -- the brainchild of AudioRush Productions and Indie Electronic Band Cry Wolf -- is back with their second show at the Lincoln after a packed house at the first. Though they continue to tour around the east cost, Generation Productions and associated DJs can't wait to get home to throw another true massive.

And this is that true massive.

These shows will be a product of time-tested sets including both original, popular, and underground tracks mixed with a unique visual experience including LEDs, lasers, fog, rave beach balls, and more.

8:00-9:00: Danusha
Genres: Electro, Dubstep
Born into the EDM Scene after seeing AudioRush's success in their hometown of Raleigh, Danusha took his talents to organizing raves in nearby Chapel Hill. Danusha is now here to team up with AudioRush to create the next Raleigh massive in NC Capital City.

9:00 - 10:00 Symbiotik
Genres: Trance, House, Electro, Dubstep

After meeting AudioRush at their second rave ever, The Surge, Symbiotik quickly impressed AudioRush with both his fledgling producing skills and his ability to share the dream AudioRush had begun to pursue. Now fully involved in AudioRush Productions, Symbiotik has been invited to play with Generation Productions again after his first performance set ever at Project Exodus Asheville. One can expect to hear only the best Trance, House, Dbustep, and Hard Dance off Symbiotiks own EP's, Manifestation and Bios, as well as of others creation.

10:00 - 11:30 AudioRush
Genres: TRANCE, HARDSTYLE, House, Dubstep, Electro, Progressive

Longtime friends and electronic music lovers Andrew Fessler and Joel Stenkvist became AudioRush after a 2010 breakout production titled Genesis, citing the rebirth of the electronic scene as their goal. With less than a year at the decks, AudioRush continues to surprise veterans to the scene as well as create new audiences with their unique, energetic formula at the decks. This skill has allowed them to tour up and down the east cost and play with favorites such as Aaron Sigman, Luna-C, and more.

Known best for their ability to bring the audience full circle within their own set, AudioRush believes in a balance between classic larger than life bass beats and the melodic mediums and highs that make their music unique through spinning only the best Trance, Hardstyle, House/Electro, and Dubstep of those under their label's, and others creations are all mixed in a unique ebb and flow.

The unique stage presence that AudioRush commands through working as a pair brings a whole new meaning to “trust a DJ who dances”, and you can bet that you wont be sitting out for this primetime, headlining, mainstage performance.

11:30-12:30 Cry Wolf

Cry Wolf was born when front man Justin Phillips of hardcore band Written in Red decided to pursue his interest in exploring electronic music. Teaming up with lifelong friend Johnluke Lewis, the duo set out to create music that fused their Indie/Harcore background with their newfound love for electronic music. With less than a year of performing under their belts, they have been met with rave reviews from top music blogs such as and, been featured on major music television site, had their music featured in two films, gotten radio play everywhere from New York to North Carolina, and played major music festivals such as Identity Fest along the likes of Steve Aoki, Datsik, and Kaskade. Known for their engaging live shows and passionate stage presence, they have created a constantly evolving experiment that will enchant you with beautiful melodies just seconds before smashing your face in with heavy hitting bass. 

12:30 - 1:30 Genki:
Labels: Kniteforce/Ravers Only/Good Vibes/Krafty Radio
Genre: Freeform/Hardcore

With almost 2 decades of experience behind the decks, Genki has made his name almost synonymous with Freeform , and has been a very in demand DJ almost nonstop for his entire adult life. Having been a die-hard DJ Hardcore dj for 16 years, he's refused to conform or bend despite what anyone else was doing. His passion for DJing and electronic dance music have stood the test of time, as he seems equally as energetic behind the decks as he did when he first started. Known for his very high energy DJ sets, and energetic stage presence, there is no question that a Genki show is one you won't be sitting down for. Having a very dedicated following, his listeners describe his sets as "uncaged energy" as he puts his all into each set.

Genki's addiction to vinyl and DJing started at a very young age, and by the time he was just 18 years old, he had scored a residency DJing to thousands each week at Virginia's largest nightclub The Abyss, and quickly became the club's most requested act. He held onto this residency for 5 years, all the while touring to various shows around the country, playing at underground and club venues, and massives alike. Since The Abyss, Genki has obtained residencies at several notable nightclubs including The Ambush, Avanti's, The Wave, Club Vanqual, Dance 4 Life, Soundscape, Club Exit NYC, and Omega Bar. He also DJing on several US and UK hardcore internet radio stations over the past decade including holding current regular shows on Krafty Radio , the largest Hardcore station in the UK alongside label mate and Hardcore legend, Luna-C. Genki already has releases scheduled this year on Luna-C's label Kniteforce (KFA), as well as his own label Willow Records.

Some footage from our last show!:
May '11 -
August '11 - (unofficial AR video)
November '10 (first rave) -

* $2 surcharge for 21 & under attendees.


If you don't come, three puppies will die!

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