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Reminder: Eurofurence 17 is looking for DJs!

Eurofurence 17 is looking for DJs!

Are you a DJ? Do you want to play at the largest European furry convention? Here's your chance!

As most of you may have noticed, things are a little different at Eurofurence. We have fewer dances and fewer DJs than most conventions, but on the other hand, our dances are longer than any other convention dances, and our attendees are indestructable!

For 2011, we are planning something new. The main dances on Thursday and Saturday night will remain untouched, and at this time, we can't have more dances on the main stage since it's blocked by events and rehearsals the other days. However, there's an alternative!

We are looking for DJs who want to spin at night time in the Piano bar. Now this is not your average dance, we won't have lasers or fog, and the volume is not going to be maxxed out since we want people to either dance or just sit and chat while having a drink. What we will have is an awesome audience that will enjoy your sets, so this is your chance!

The dances will start around nighttime everyday from Wednesday to Sunday. For Thursday and Saturday, we are searching for music styles that complement what is being played on the main stage. The actual duration of every DJ slot has yet to be decided, but expect a set no shorter than 2 hours.

If you know your House, Rock, Dance, Chill-Out, you're the one we're looking for!

Please send audition sets to: Deadline for the auditions is July 1st, 2011.
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