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05/28/2011 - Project :o - Goel's Plaza, Raleigh NC

Join me live in North Carolina in May for Project :o ! I'll be debuting new Kniteforce tracks from Luna-C and myself, as well as a slew of unreleased material from other artists in the scene!

Join me live at Goel's Plaza in Raleigh NC for Project :o !

Welcome to Project :o, pronounced "prä-ˌjekt *Gasp*" (LDub calls it projekt OH FACE!) , this is gonna be freakin awesome, with all the stops pulled out just for you. a spectacular light show, a great venue, and amazing DJ's that knock your block off! get ready to party hardy with great acts like:

Sanatorium D - a powerhouse duo coming up on the scene to drop that hardtrance and electro that everyone loves, with some special tric...ks that can only be done live by them;

DJ Gr00v3 - a bass-droppin, heavy-hittin, Filthy Dub machine, doing what he's been doing best in charlotte: blasting the dirt at your chest his whole set;

Genki ~ (Kniteforce/Ravers Only/Good Vibes/Krafty Radio)
With almost 2 decades of experience behind the decks, Genki has made his name almost synonymous with Freeform.Having been a die-hard dj Hardcore DJ for 16 years, he's refused to conform or bend despite what anyone else was doing. Expect to hear nothing you have previously heard when DJ Genki takes the stage.

High Demand (AKA DJ AJ) - Playing everything that rocks the party, High Demand has become known in his participation in AudioRush, but now he's headlining and selling his HQ album that inspired this event, 3 years in the making. High Demand has gotten rave reviews from almost 800 people, and he will be destroying your modest inhibitions with a message of rebellion, anger, and hard-hitting woofer annihilation!

This event will be held at Goel's plaza, and 333Events will provide more than enough sound, with lighting that might give epileptics nightmares for a week.
Water and Monster Energy Drinks will be sold at low prices, including High Demand's Album "Project :o", which will be sold for $7 each. Firm but friendly security will be present all night long; and this is an ALL AGES event guys, no alcohol will be sold on premises. If you wish to hear some of the songs on the album, hear them on High Demand's page:

Facebook page:
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