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Anthrocon 2011 DJ Auditions are OPEN!

Well! It's that time of year again - time for the Anthrocon dance auditions to officially open up! You, yes I said YOU could be DJing the main room at Anthrocon next year! If you think you have what it takes, read over this quick description of what we're looking for to get yourself started!

What We're Looking For

We're looking for DJs who are capable of keeping a crowd happy and moving for an hour. The main room is intense, huge, and loud, and the crowds that go there expect good entertainment - and by gosh, we're going to give it to them!

Here's an example of what the room's like on a normal dance night, if you've never seen it before:

We're looking for DJs playing music that most folks can relate to, that's upbeat, danceable, and will drive the crowd wild. We're not particular about genre, we just want you to have an ear for what gets people moving and be able to play it in an entertaining way for your hour on stage. Keep in mind that while some more obscure genres might be terribly fun (grindcore, gabber, minimal) chances are that they're NOT going to keep the bulk of the con happy. Still, send in demos - if you're a good enough DJ, you'll be able to keep folks happy no matter what genre you tend towards.

While it's not ABSOLUTELY necessary, pretty much assume that skill with beat and phrasematching is essential. You should be familiar with how DJing in a club environment works, and be comfortable playing on the provided equipment (Pioneer CDJ 1000s/Technics 1200s/Pioneer DJM mixer) or capable of providing your own and helping our audio guys hook you into the room rig. We want DJs who are animated and who PLAY LIVE. You could pre-record the best studio mix ever, but if you're not watching the dance floor and playing to it, there's a good chance you're not going to make people as happy as someone who's playing their set on the spot.

I Can Totally Do This - Now What?

If you think you can kick ass with the best of them, send your demo to dance-2011 [at] Demos should be 45 minutes to an hour long and represent how you play and your skill level, as well as what you plan to play at the con. Even if you've played in previous years, SEND IN A DEMO. While past performance is a good mark on your resume, I need a current reference as to what you sound like to use for scheduling purposes and making sure lots of sounds are represented.

Even if you're unsure if you'll make the cut - submit a demo! The slate starts clean every year and if you get rejected this year it's not like it'll count against you in the future. You might even be surprised by the outcome!

How Will I Know If I Was Selected?

I don't know when auditions will close yet - not until at least January of 2011 - but there will be plenty of warning beforehand. Please don't ask to hear selections before they're announced, that's just going to annoy me and won't get you any answers. The DJ selections will be posted on the Anthrocon website and hopefully I'll contact you individually as well. If you would like, should you not be selected, I'll farm out comments on your mix from myself and a few other DJs with longer-term experience to help you tighten your act up and improve for the future - just let me know if you want that!

I Have A Question You Didn't Touch On!

Probably. I left a lot open here! Contact me at dance-2011 [at] and I'll answer any specific questions you have.

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