Protocollie (protocollie) wrote in furrydjs,

Let's talk Anthrocon dances for 2011!

Hey, everyone!

I want to really quickly address folks who are interested in auditioning for Anthrocon 2011's dances, and ask a couple of questions.

It should be fast!

First, DJ auditions will be opening in October. Please don't submit anything before then, as I'll likely forget about it and you'll have a false sense of security. That should give you time to prepare a demo or whatever, or if you haven't thought about it up until this point, it'll give you a few months to practice! Auditions will probably be open until decemberish, at which point they'll close. I hope to have DJs announced by the end of January, so that you guys can plan your con around it.

I have a question - this'll take me a little time to work out the details of, and it's primarily why I'm posting. As a DJ auditioning for the dances, would you be appreciative of having the option to have a couple of veteran DJs look over your demo mix and give you pointers should you not be given an invite this year? I, personally, have ten or so years experience and I know that many of our other veteran and repeat DJs are very experienced as well (some far more than me even,) and I think for folks just starting out a few pointers on how to do better next year might be appreciated. I just don't want to seem to presumptuous - obviously, this would be opt-in. Is anyone interested in that?

Keep your eyes peeled because auditions will open Octoberish!

- p. collie
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