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Now accepting MFF Dance/DJ demos!

Hey all you furs out there, MFF is officially accepting demos for the 2010 dance! With the con moving to a new hotel I'm excited to see what can be done with the new space, and you can be sure that things are just going to get better from what we've had in previous years.

What we are looking for:
MFF is looking for qualified/responsible DJs who can get furs to shake their tails on the dance floor. No con DJ experience is required, just good tunes.

What kind of music?
All kinds! If you can play it well, then we will consider it. The music at the dances tends to be varied, and differs from year to year. We are looking for fursuit friendly music, 80s-90s-00's, top-40, electronic (dnb, dub, trance, house, etc) and even hip-hop (yes, I said hip-hop).

How do I try out?
You can send an email to dance.2010@furfest.org with your info. The email should include a description of what you play, when you are available, what equipment you use and a link to a demo. It is very very hard for me to judge someone without a demo especially if I don't know you so it is very important that I have something to judge your skills with.

What if I just use a laptop/winamp/itunes?
If you play good tunes, then it doesn't matter what you use.

I live in a giant bucket?
I'm sure you do.

Looking forward to hearing from everyone!
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