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Future Transmission 06

Here is the latest mix from me including a few special tracks in it. A free track from Tritonal who happens to remix a track from Halo 3 as well as a track from Fredrik Miller who is on FurAffinity. I pretty much had the music flow through me and this is what I came out with. I think these tracks blended in perfectly.

Once again enjoy! :D

Future Transmission 06 (77:05)
Genre: Uplifting Trance

1.) Michael Salvatori - Never Forget (Tritonal Halo 3 Bootleg)
2.) Mike Foyle vs. Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Mike's Broken Record Mix)
3.) Myon & Shane 54 Feat. Aruna - Helpless (Monster Mix)
4.) Alex M.O.R.P.H. Feat. Ana Criado - Sunset Boulevard (Signum Remix)
5.) Cold Blue - There's Always A Road
6.) Ferry Tayle & Static Blue - Trapeze (Daniel Kandi's Emotional Remix)
7.) Fredrik Miller - Spring Blossoms
8.) Adam Nickey Presents Blue 8 - Eleventh Street
9.) Marcos Feat. Emi Jarvi - Cosmic String 2009 (Marcos Mix)
10.) Tiddey - Forgiven Lies
11.) Mystery Islands & Stefan Cambridge Presents Chapter G8 - Final Destination (Fast Distance Remix)
12.) Oliver P - Lost Without You
13.) Afternova - Serenity (Andy Blueman Remix)
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