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Genki LIVE @ The Black Hole - Baltimore MD 4/15/10

Join me tonight at The Black Hole club in Baltimore MD as I play End The Fed with special guest Trigga Happy!

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Your not gonna wanna miss the taxday edition of freedom thursday! good vibes brings u a special event on april 15th to raise awareness about the unconsitutional actions of the federal reserve bank, a private corporation that extorts our hard earned money every week to fund wars that we dont agree with and even worse!! This will be the dopest freedom thursday you will see in a very very long time!!!

Main Room

Genki //UK Hardcore// Freeform // VA
(Ravers Only/Good Vibes Crew//Ninja Recordings/Enigma UK-Japan)

With almost 2 decades of experience behind the decks, Genki is no stranger to the world of dj'ing and electronic music. From a very early age, he knew exactly what it was he wanted to do with his life, and that was to spread the joy that music brought him to every single person he could. His passion for dj'ing and electronic dance music have stood the test of time, as he seems equally as energetic behind the decks as he did when he first started. Genki's addiction to vinyl and dj'ing started at a very young age, and by the time he was just 18 years old, he had scored a residency dj'ing to thousands each week at Virginia's largest nightclub The Abyss, and was named head dj. He held onto this residency for 5 years, all the while touring to various Hardcore and Drum & Bass shows around the country, playing at underground and club venues alike. Since The Abyss, Genki has obtained residencies at several notable nightclubs including The Ambush, Avanti's, The Wave, Club Vanqual, Dance 4 Life, Soundscape, Club Exit NYC, and Omega Bar as well as consistently played on several US and UK hardcore internet radio stations over the past 12 years.

Although he stays busy with dj'ing, he never seems to tire of the Hardcore sound, as it's very evident in his sets that this music moves him greatly. Having a great affinity towards the melodic, uplifting freeform sound, he blends his roots in ambient and new age music with the energetic, driving sounds of hardcore into a seamless mix that progresses smoothly from beginning to end. His unique sound is coupled by his very high energy performances that leave everyone coming back for more. Still playing on several internet radio stations, playing in a band, and running a massive bi-weekly called Hollodeck, Genki only plans to work even harder in the coming years, hell bent on putting more smiles on faces and exposing more people to the sound that he loves so much. Now a part of the band A.I. (vocals/synth/programming), music videos are in the works as well as upcoming shows for the band and more expansion into other subgenres. His main focus however, has not changed over the years, as he firmly believes it's the ravers that keep him going, and he certainly loves to give them what they want!

Trigga Happy // Happy Hardcore // MD/VA
(Good Vibes Crew)

“Trigga Happy” is a unique happy hardcore tag team duo based out of Washington DC and Baltimore. Their focus is not only on slamming dance floors with bass heavy beats but also taking crowd participation to a new level during their sets. They constantly rotate between crushing the decks and leading a multitude of stage acts. Crowd interaction is everything to this duo. They are constantly coming up with new and exciting ways to get the crowd involved, bringing them the freshest beats and the wildest stage acts around. Attend a Trigga Happy show and you will walk away with an experience that goes beyond the music. Chad Moore and Justin Hunt are two veterans of the Washington DC and Baltimore dance music scenes. With more than a decade of combined experience in playing shows and hosting them they are truly in tune with local crowds and know what it takes to get dance floors filled. As individual DJs, both Chad (Stryda!) and Justin (J-Dastardly) were firmly entrenched in their local and regional scenes, playing and hosting multiple shows per month from Florida to Philly. Neither one has ever been satisfied with just one genre, when rocking the decks there was no telling what they might play. Drum and bass, breaks, house, dubstep and of course hard dance; all styles are fair game for both of them. Their love of hard dance has fueled their desire to break free from their normal routine and join forces as Trigga Happy. They also linked up with Good Vibes Promo, DC and Baltimore's premiere hard dance promoter and one of the freshest production company's around. Reaching back to their happy hardcore roots and remembering the things that really drew them into the scene, Chad and Justin began to program full stage shows geared towards the younger, more energetic crowds that pack Good Vibe shows on a monthly basis. Now, with forces joined Trigga Happy and Good Vibes promo are out to send a message. With multiple shows planned in DC and Baltimore they are determined to spread the word that hard dance music is back and to make it known that the Nation's Capital is just as hardcore as any city!

We encourage everyone to get involved in our shows. Don't just show up, bring the rave! We know that the crowd is really what makes an event and we want to see everyone in attendance throwing down. Break out your best dance moves, get dressed up in your most outrageous outfits, light up the venue with glow sticks and lasers! With your help we can turn these shows into a memory that will last for years to come. We'll be rocking it from the booth but we won't hesitate to join you on the dance floor or bring some of you on stage with us. Its all about unity and positive vibes. A gathering of great music, friends and fun like no other.

Treachery // Hardcore // VA

DJ Treachery ‘The Torn Prince’ began his career as a DJ, rather ironically, through an introduction to the art form by a formidable member of the DC Punk and Hardcore scene. Tom Lyle, the guitarist of Government Issue, mentored DJ Treachery and helped him get his start as a DJ in Hip Hop at the tender age of 15, performing at house and block parties under various aliases. Not long after his initial start with Hip Hop, DJ Treachery began to experiment with different styles of electronic dance music, incorporating the forms into his celebrated party-rocking mixes. His reputation as a versatile DJ grew rapidly, and earned him a weekly residency at WQFS Radio while in school…all the while producing Hip Hop beats for various rap and R&B groups. Upon graduation from university, DJ Treachery took a break from music; to travel, find inspiration, and reinvent himself as an artist. It was during that time that he realized his true calling—representing and purveying the rough, earth-shaking Hardcore Gabber sound and abandoned his diverse roots to become a purist of Hardcore. Emerging fresh in the summer of 2007, ditching his old alias and renaming himself “DJ Treachery ‘The Torn Prince,’” without a doubt is quickly becoming a fast rising star in the American Hardcore scene. His relentless spit-fire style mixing, complemented by his original productions have earned him love and respect from die-hard gabbers around the world, and earning him spots in some of the most notorious and respected Hardcore DJ crews in the USA. Recently signed onto Convulsive Records in Belgium, DJ Treachery ‘The Torn Prince’ will soon leave his mark on the world and be recognized as a Prince of American Hardcore

Deisis & Drosera // Hard Dance // MD

Happy Daze // Happy Hardcore // VA

Back Room

myth&faith and elemental present 'Shwarma Karma!'

Myth & Faith Vs Elemental // Psy Trance // MD

Karma // DNB // MD

Notorious Nino // HardAcid & Techno // Chicago, IL

The other half of Source Productions. As a part of the Chicago rave scene since its conception, he has been blessed to share the same stage with almost every major player in the EDM industry. Known for quickmixing Hard Techno and Acid while slapping you with blasts of Chicago Hard House. Currently throwing parties on 2 fronts, His events are just an extension of a culture that has been thriving in Chicago - Look out

Sicks // Electro // MD

under 21 - 3$ // over 21 - FREE!!!!
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